Nice to meet you!

I'm Tatyana.


In my “previous life” I worked 80 hours or more per week building a career, managing employees and running a business - for more than a decade. I was stressed and exhausted, I had difficulties sleeping at night, I had no time for my family nor for myself, but just kept going and going…

…until my mother’s health worsened so much that I was afraid I was going to lose her. That is when my holistic health discovery journey began. I knew there was much more to health than the doctors were telling us. Actually, they didn’t even know what the real cause of her illness was. They just kept giving her pill after pill, sending her to different specialists and still there were no specific answers. Not until I learned that health is not only physical but it integrates the states of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. I worked with my mother to improve not only her diet and exercise but also other aspects of her life that needed attention. She is now 78 and living a much healthier and happier life than before. She was my first and very grateful client before I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I also began a quest to figure out my own health and happiness. I realized how important nutritious food, sleep, regular exercise, relationships, and self-care are for one’s well-being.


Since then, I have committed to a mission to help, guide and support many others in their journey to a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle.

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My mission is to empower my clients to transform their lives using holistic, alternative and integrative approaches to health and human understanding.

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I help business professionals and entrepreneurs reclaim their inner power to take charge of their health, and find more balance, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I have also studied computer science, HR law, and interior design. I spent over a decade working in corporate executive positions before I discovered my passion for a healthy lifestyle and began studying Integrative Nutrition and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).


Because I come from the corporate business world, I can absolutely understand and relate to entrepreneurs and professionals who get caught in the everyday busy life of responsibilities, issues, meetings, obligations, stress and no time for self-care. Soon they realize that they are not happy and fulfilled, they suffer sleepless nights, exhaustion, anxiety, burnout, some serious health issues...maybe even broken or unhappy relationships, and they need a change. Change in lifestyle and a way of thinking. I have been there!


And especially business women after the age of 35 who finally want to have a family, a child, but experience fertility issues... They want to focus on having a family but it is difficult to suddenly switch from a busy business life to a family life….and don’t know how or struggle.


I have been there. While I was busy working on my career, I didn’t realize how time flew by. I always knew I wanted to have a family and was waiting for the right time. But once you are 35, you are considered of an “advanced” age and "high-risk” by the medical community. While my husband and I wanted to start a family, the “trying” wasn’t bringing results - for a few years, so I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes. I was referred to a fertility clinic by my primary care physician but I refused to go through all that. I believed that the natural way is the best way and that I was still young. I was feeling perfectly healthy, besides the stress, lack of sleep and knowing that I wanted something else and didn’t want to give in to fear and despair. Fortunately, just a few months after I made some well researched and planned changes, I became pregnant! Doctors tested me for all kinds of diseases and genetic problems (because of my age) but couldn’t find a single issue with my health or my baby. What an amazing feeling! I felt like I was the healthiest patient they ever had. I knew I must have been doing something right! 


From that point on, I decided that I wanted to share my story and help others achieve their goals, live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

“The secret to true health is to live in harmony with yourself, your environment, and nature.”
Tatyana Prokop
“The world will be a better place when people stop worrying about what they are not receiving, and start thinking about what they are giving.”
Tatyana Prokop

So in the midst of building your career or running your business, trying to be there for your family and or partner, struggling to get enough done in a day, your health hasn’t been your top priority? 


I get it! But with small steps every day, you can get back the energy and the vitality that you’ve lost!

It is going to take time, it’s going to take effort, but I can provide you with the tools and support and help you get started!


I look into all areas of your life and work with you to improve the areas that need attention and help you find the needed balance that will make you feel your best. I take a holistic approach to health that treats the whole person, not just symptoms. Mind and body are integrated and inseparable.


Reclaim your inner power and take charge of your health and life!


Everyone deserves to live a healthy, balanced and joyous life! You can again wake up energized and be excited of the day ahead. You can again feel your best and be there for your loved ones! Each of us is born with the power to heal our bodies of anything. You just have to believe that you can do it and have the support to make the needed lifestyle changes. It also takes determination, responsibility, and persistence.


Are you determined to make a change in your life, find the power within and take back control of your health?


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